First time that I was able to get both Miatas in one place for a photo. I got to work on swapping over the shifter along with removal of the muffler from the old car. I started the roll bar removal as well but didnt have time to finish it. Unfortunately, the new shifter that I had gotten wasnt exactly the right part so I struggled with that for a bit trying to figure out if I was doing something wrong.


The part on the left is the OEM shifter out of the new car (5spd), the part in the middle is the supposed replacement aftermarket part (5spd), and the part on the right is the aftermarket replacement part for the other car (6spd). My plan was to salvage the shifter rebuild parts and the newish boots/insulation. But I think I have to send back the shifter since there is no way this is the right one unless I am missing some parts somehow. In contact with Bill at Miataroadster to try and solve it.

Anyways, just replacing the boots and such made a world of difference for heat output. Before, the whole center console area was heating up like an oven. Now its cool to the touch everywhere even after an hour of driving. Neat!

Exhaust came off without too much trouble though so I’ll be installing that soon in the new car! Another problem cropped up though with the check engine light for cylinder 2 misfire coming back again. So it might be something like fuel injector then, so I will hold off on installing my new cat but the muffler can still go on at least. Will continue tracking down that intermittent issue...