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What is the Schematic for Ford Performance Designations?

Ford has quite a few ways of naming their performance models but I’m not 100% on what the hierarchy is or what the defining characteristics for denoting which badge a vehicle would receive. Help me out here.

I can think of ST, SVT, Sport, RS, SHO, Shelby, and I guess the GT is a subset of Ford Racing. Is there a scheme to here? Why don’t I have a Fusion ST or even a SHO (since the Taurus will be gone soon)? Can I have a Mustang ST or RS as well as the GT? What would be the difference between an SVT Raptor and a Shelby Raptor at the consumer level?


Does every nameplate just get its own performance badge? Imagine if the Escape, Edge, Explorer, and Expedition had performance variants. All of a sudden I can see the badges coinciding with the class size of the vehicle like so:

Escape ST
Edge Sport and Edge RS
Explorer SHO
SVT Expedition. Could there be a Shelby Bronco? How does this work?!!

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