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What is happening at Elio Motors?

The last few days I have read many articles and posts about wonderful new car companies that are presenting their product to the world, like FF and Lucid Motors. FF, I just read, secured 64 thousand deposits, while pricing is still unclear.

As my mind works in mysterious ways, my thoughts went to Elio. The connection is electricity. I have always loved the funky model Elio has been presenting, but I believe it should have been an EV.


So I looked them up. Website still alive. Price still advertised at 7300 usd. A ticker shows over 64 thousand deposits. FF did this in a day or three. But from their website, I have not been able to find any information concerning actual cars being made, besides one picture where two dudes are doing something to what appears to be a chassis, and there is another chassis in sight. But it does in no way look like a production line. So what is up with Elio these days?

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