What Is More Appealing?

A car that needs you to modify it, or a car that is already good enough you’ll never need to.

For example here’s two car’s I really like.

The Corevette, I’m using the C4 just because, it is for me an attainable Corvette. I could realistically go get one if I reeeally wanted to. I mean you can pick up a manual C4 for 8-14k depending on year, condition, and color.


But anyway for me if I was to go buy a Corvette I just couldn’t see myself wanting or needing to Modify it. Maybe small things like updated brake pads, and an aftermarket steering wheel, And I’d have to get the wheels like the car pictured if It didn’t have them already.

On the Flip side we have a 4th gen Honda Civic.


This is a car that in OEM spec is entirely mundane. Just a >100hp ecobox, but could be a very cool, very quick, and very personalized car. Plus most of them are now rusted out with over 200,000 miles, so since have of the work you’ll be doing will be restoration no one is going to yell at you for “ruining a Civic” because to most people it’s “just a Civic.

Keep in mind i’m not asking “would you rather have a 25 year old Corvette, or a 25 year Old Civic?” more like “Would you rather have a car that special one it’s own, or a car that you have made special?”

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