What is more important to you age or mileage?

When shopping used cars, would you pay more for a younger car with similar mileage? The miles tend to wear out mechanical components whereas rubber parts and electronics age even when sitting unused. And we are not talking paying more to get a fancier new body style, or finding that low mileage little old lady classic.

To give you some specifics: Over christmas I said no thanks to a 2014 B8 A4 Avant 3.0 TDI quattro S-line 110K kms with summer and winter wheels and some nice options for € 23K. (stepdad has a business partner who deals in bankrupt companies, those companies have company cars... they sell at dealer aucton prices)


As you all know, I’m half-assedly shopping around for a 2007-2010 post LCI E61 with around 120-130k kms for €15K.

Despite that irritating cheap plastic cover around the gauges that all A4s and A6s of that vintage have, it was a good deal. And a much newer car (albeit at almost the same milage) so I tried to trick my mind into thinking that paying a little more would be worth it. But is it? Is a newer car with similar mileage worth the extra money?


In the end I never wanted an A4 in the first place so what’s the point, but they are getting a couple of BMWs in soon, so I might be tempted again.

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My current favourite. Almost perfect but it has black leather instead of the tan/saddle (hard to describe) I want.

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