One Vehicle That Resonates With You

I’ve only been a car enthusiast for about 3 years now. Before that, I thought Nissan had the Optima and Maxima (made sense because Optimum and Maximum) while Kia had the Altima (Alternative-ima). I didn’t know that the car above even existed until I saw a SaabKyle review around the same time the F-type became available. Everything about the GranTurismo just seemed to hit the points I’m attracted to most.

Last summer I had to work a bit in Florida and got to see one on the showroom floor (didn’t even bother walking next door to look at the Ferraris, even with an F12 in front of the door). Took pictures, showed my mom, hell I even sent the pictures to a former girlfriend because I was so excited!


I’m just starting to ramble, point is that the vehicle stirred something up inside of me from the moment I saw a picture, through the interior, the sounds, and even meeting it in person. Full disclosure, I was disappointed that it seemed so simple in person. That disappointment went away once I started looking at more cars and realized that people give WAAAYYY too much hype over interiors that are only “meh.” Luxury trucks do not have luxury interiors no matter what anyone tells you, and most luxury cars under $70k do not blow you away with material quality. So now that Maserati is much more impressive by comparison.

Have you ever had a vehicle that just resonated with who you are from the moment you saw it and even as it becomes behind the market?

Sort of crazy to think that the GranTurismo has been out since 2007 and I didn’t see my first one until 2015. Shoot, I didn’t even know it existed until 2014. On the plus side, no one I sent the pictures to new what it was either.


I think about the new NSX. Enthusiasts are all sick of it because they’ve been following it for so long. If I wasn’t into cars and only worked in New Mexico, it would probably be 2022 before I even saw this thing on the road. If you didn’t know, this thing is another one of those cars that fits my personality, interests, and style. Please, oh please let this thing be hated and spat upon so that it depreciates like a rock to $60,000 and becomes quasi-attainable!!

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