What is Oppo's favorite method for removing stuck oil filters.

On my two most recent oil changes, I have come across over tightened oil filters. Usually (and when working on a filter I’ve installed) I can remove them by hand with a set of rubberized grip gloves, but these two gave me absolute fits. On both I tried the following

Loosen by hand with grippy gloves. Which didn’t work, even on a clean dry surface I couldn’t put in enough force to turn it


Use a clamping oil filter wrench. This one usually does it, but in these last two cases, it just starts to crush the filter housing

Use a socket oil filter wrench adapter. These usually just end up turning and rounding off the oil filter edges a bit if the previous tool doesn’t work. I don’t know why I bother trying it.


Use a strap wrench. In these two most recent cases, I couldn’t put enough force in to get the filter to move. The most recent case broke the strap.


At this point, people generally try the “stab a screwdriver through it and turn” method. But I had this method once tear off the body of the filter (as in the lead image) so I no longer use this method.


No, in both recent cases, I JB welded the oil filter to socket adapter to the stuck filter and turn with way more force than I should’ve had to.

So what does everyone else here do in this case?

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