What is Oppo's favorite method of finding vacuum leaks?

I’ve been playing around with the accidental Jag over the last few weeks.

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While the misfire went away with a replacement coil pack the car is running real lean on throttle and throwing bank 1 lean codes. I’ve already checked fuel pressure, and cleaned the MAF (furthermore, disconnecting the MAF still makes it run lean) so I’m down to either o2 sensors or a vacuum leak. I tried to hook up a party smoke machine to a vacuum line but didn’t really get me anywhere as I do not believe it puts out enough pressure to fill up all the voids. I bought a cheap smoke tester off ebay (this one, actually looks like a decent design and I don’t think I could do the same for cheaper) but I’m still waiting for it to come in. So anybody have any other good ideas I could do to check for gross leaks in the meantime?

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