Went shooting in the middle of nowhere on Saturday - and when I say middle of nowhere, I mean that the only person within 30 miles is a survivalist/loner who lives in a hand-painted camo trailer on the shore of a lake.

The Guns

We turned a corner and found some teenager who had sunk his Kia beigemobile up to the frame in super thick lake mud. It's ok, though, because I remember being a teenager and doing things that didn't make any sense. haha


I hooked up a couple of ratchet straps (I know, I know, he was desperate and that was absolutely all I had) to our respective tow hooks and pulled him out. We got covered in mud as he spun his wheels furiously, ignoring our advice to take it easy on the throttle. I didn't take a picture cause he seemed pretty embarrassed.

Then - just a few hours later, I had to help a guy who had sunk his Ford Ranger to the frame in a couple feet of snow by my cabin. Same deal, but luckily he had a real tow strap.


Cabin Image Because I Ran Out of Pictures

So I'm thinking it's time to invest in some recovery equipment - what would you have done? Winch them out? Tow strap? Just get some maxtrax and call it good? Shovel? Bumper to bumper resuscitation?


I'm off to the Expedition Portal forum.