What is the Best Automotive Magazine?

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After I found Jalopnik, I stopped reading a monthly car magazine, save for the occasional Top Gear Magazine if I happened to wander into a book store. I still keep a head up on who's doing what in the print industry, but I don't intensely follow or favor any particular magazine.


These companies have started to sway back some customers and intrigue potential customers with online videos. I've been quite drawn to Evo's videos, and disappointed by AutoCar and Motor Trend's offerings, while /Drive has started offering an alternative to these 'press' videos by becoming Youtube's answer to AutoWeek.

I've been considering subscribing to Evo because I like their videos, their justification of opinions when describing a car (something I didn't notice with Motor Trend, and thusly unsubscribed), and their overall enticing graphical design. So, what are your opinions on the best automotive magazine?


If I missed a big magazine, let me know and I'll add it in.

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