So my dad ended up deciding that we should buy a 2003 Subaru Outback with the H6. We got it for $2000. It has 94k miles on it. The reason we got it so cheap is the owner was tired of putting money into it. She quit driving it at the end of April this year. She took it in for everything so I have paperwork to follow to see what has happened with it. The last sheet mentioned possible leaking head gasket. I want to clean the engine and engine bay so I can see had bad of an issue this really is because leaking coolant hoses was also mentioned. I am also going to borrow a chemical tester to see if there are combustion gasses in the coolant to confirm bad head gasket. It drives fine so I have a hard time believing head gasket as these engines are not known for head gasket issues.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Looks just like this.

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