Some of you may know I have an old E36 M3/4/5. Here is a picture of it at the salt flats.

We also had a first-gen CTS-V for a while.

So you'll forgive me if I don't buy into Nissan's whole 4DSC thing for the new Maxima.

It's hard to ask who does it better when the bar is so low - despite 290-ish hp, the Maxima is a FWD car with a CVT.

We will award points for style, power, and for EVER having been spotted doing a track day; more points if it's a regular thing (ok, so the M3, STI, Evo, and RX-8 get more points and we'll just leave it at that). I will award points for having a stick available. I will even award points for having gears you can flip through in a semi-automated fashion.


So, what 4 door gets closest to being a true sports car?