There was a time when you couldn't get everything you wanted when shopping for a new car. You just had to make concessions. Need to take the kids to school? Simple, buy a Volvo 145. Have to traverse a river on your way to the farm? Easy, buy a Land Rover Defender. Want to prove to the world that you are stupid? Piece of cake, buy a Ford Pinto.

But then suddenly, cars like the E30 M3 proved you could have a car which you could drive to work in the morning, take to the track in the afternoon, and valet out front at night. The Range Rover showed the world that the rugged off-roader could be tamed to take on the school run and on the corporate circuit. The Ford Pinto established that even stupid people have enough money to buy new cars. The age of the multipurpose vehicle had begun.

But what this incessant purauit to make generally appealing cars that can climb canyons and carve corners at the same time has done is eradicate those cars which are tailor-made for a specific purpose.

So what do you think is the best single-purpose production car ever made?

Mine is easy.


The Mclaren F1 is an oft-forgotten yet entirely accomplished Hypercar built by a frail (at the time) company with the sole purpose of satisfying enthusiasts. Center driver seat, exposed brake linkages, and less than 10 MPG make for a car with an undiluted purpose and execution. It was one of the last supercars which truly couldn't be "daily-ed".

[Photo Credit Mclaren]