Like this but cheaper.

My 2006 WRX is currently my daily driver and since I finally made the transition from shift work to days I now have to pick up my nearly 2 year old boy from daycare. With the rear facing carseats it is nearly impossible to get him buckled up, the opening between the back of the door and the carseats is barely large enough for me to fit a squeeze in. Now at 2 years you can turn the car seat around but after doing a bunch of research on it my wife and I have decided to wait a while longer to turn him around. And this is further complicated because my wife and I are expecting are second child in April. So this brings me to a conundrum. The WRX is paid for and is not going to be sold since it’s future plan is to be built into a Factory Five 818c. I could daily the Tundra but I drive 40 miles round trip to work and back every day.

A possible choice.

So I guess I am looking for suggestions for a new work car. Let’s say my budget is under $20,000. I live in northern MN but have done the AWD thing and am ready to try something different like a RWD sedan. I could be persuaded for FWD. So if anyone had any ideas for cars that work with 2 rear facing carseats please let me know in the comments.

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