1980s was a decade that brought some of the worst cars to the automotive world. The Cold War was coming to an end and North Americans were still feeling the crunch from the 1970s energy crisis.

Ford was still trying to bury the fiery Pinto image. GM was replacing all the Chevy motors that they put into Oldsmobiles and Chrysler was barely even a company.

It was also a decade when North America started seeing a mass amount of Japanese imports flooding the market. In order to stay competitive domestic manufacturers had to turn up the heat.

As a result we saw some "fine" domestic cars roll off showroom floors all over the country. Cars like Cadillac Cimarron, Dodge Aries and Ford Tempo.

Surely, some of the craptacular cars are less craptacular then others and there were plenty of crap flung around from both sides of the pond. So, what in your opinion is the best worst car of the 1980s and why?