What is the definition of a project car?

I’ve been binging on back episodes of Roadkill, and it’s got me wondering: What is the real definition of a project car?

I mean, I have done quite a bit of work on my 2005 Legacy GT, but I wouldn’t consider it a project car. Everything I replaced was with something that was either a stock type replacement or wasn’t critical to the vehicle’s operation.


Now, my ‘88 Thunderbird (which is for sale if anyone is interested), that’s a project car. I’ve had the engine torn down the block and rotating assembly, the AC system torn apart, the tank out twice (always with too much gas in the tank), the springs replaced with Mustang springs, and dabbled in nearly every other system in the vehicle.

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So, what’s the definition of a Project Car? I say it must have the element of the unknown, accomplished by your own hand, and the possibility of it never driving again.

Bolt ons specific to your vehicle? Not a project because you are pretty sure they’ll work.
Paying a pro for a tune? Not a project because you’re not doing it.
Building a custom grill? Debatable... You’re doing it and you’re not really sure how it will turn out, but you could always drive it without the grill.
Major driveline component swap? Absolutely a project car.


So, what say ye? Is your definition different?

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