What is the draw of the t-handle shift knob

In a manual trans.

It came with my new-to-me MJ. It just feels so awkward in my hand. What am I supposed to do, grab the side in my finger tips? Rest my palm on the handle and wrap my fingers around it? It all just feels wrong.


The 2wd 2.5L short bed MJ, for your viewing pleasure. I suspect the wet spot on the bumper was the last little bit of coolant getting blown through the crusty as hell radiator.

Cause there’s nothing at all left in the system. The PO said it had an overheating problem, so given the state of the rad there’s most of a new cooling system waiting for me at Napa. Gonna toss that all in later and see how it goes. I don’t normally care for the shotgun approach but given the state of the radiator, I can’t really see the water pump being in much better shape.


Also in the Bad Ideas with Gog saga, towing that much weight with the factory five-speed ZJ. It definitely needs heavier springs in the back for a start, although I wonder what they would’ve been like if they weren’t as badly sagged. It was okay in the flats, just a bit slow, but as soon as I hit the mountains it became painfully obvious it needs deeper gears than the 3.55's for tow-pig duty. Coolant temp was rock stead around the vertical mark on the gauge (100°C/210°F, pick your cluster) though, despite pulling uphill in 40°C/100+°F heat. With no a/c I was having to stop because I was overheating, not the Jeep. But no wiggles or unruly behaviour despite way too much weight. With proper springs and deeper gears I would probably do it again, just maybe not for 200 miles over/along the continental divide. 

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