What is the Greatest Road You Have Ever Personally Driven?

For me, it was this conglomeration of roads that I got to drive about every month for a year, heading from Mt. Carroll, IL and spilling out onto RT. 20 on the way to Galena, IL. I didn't think there were any good roads in flat-as-a-pancake Illinois, but I stumbled across this slick of heaven.

The road is a smooth ribbon of asphalt laid atop the hills and valleys carved out from the water flowing towards the Mississippi. There is no traffic. There are no cops. There is a small white farmer's church at the bottom of the valley placed just as the road bends. The Farms fill out the valleys, and the trees protect the hilltops. There are points at which you can see the whole valley system, and it looks especially picturesque in the autumn.

So, what was the greatest road you have ever had the pleasure to carve?