Ages ago - Volvos, Volkswagens, Peugeots, and even pushrod Subarus like the one above were renowned for their durability and longevity. My question is - what cars being made today are known for their ruggedness?

I want to point out that reliability is only part of the equation here, build quality and quality of materials also matter a lot. For instance my 1982 Toyota Tercel was a reliable car, but my 1978 Renalt Le Car was made of nicer, more durable materials (excepting the headliner which disintegrated into a material resembling stale garlic bread gratings if you sneezed at it). I’d still rather drive the Toyota because I knew it would get me there, but the Renault’s interior looked so much nicer despite being a few years older. Anyway I think you get the idea - this isn’t just about cars which have engines that don’t die - it’s about cars that don’t have seats that split open after 10 years, or trim parts that rattle off, or suspensions that use American-Cheese-Grade bushings that go all wonky before the car hits 100K miles.

These days it’s expected that an engine will reach better than 150,000+ miles before it needs a rebuild - often though the rest of the car looks ready for the scrapper before then. I’m not much of a new car guy, but even some very expensive cars today seem - well flimsy. So what cars today are truly durable? Does such a thing still exist?

photo courtesy wikipedia commons.