Ok, a little mental exercise for Wednesday morning. Say you had (nearly) unlimited funds, and space for 5 cars in your fancy garage. What would be the most Jalop collection you could put together? There are a couple of rules:

1) One car must be a reasonable DD, with comfortable seating for four (strapping the kids to the rear of a Miata with bungee cords does NOT count).

2) One car must be useful in the snow.

3) One must be a convertible/topless.

4) One must be suitable for track day fun.

5) One must be from before 1970.

6) The vehicles bust actually be something someone with cash could go out and buy. No 1 of 1 museum specials, or prototypes or other unobtanium.

You can double up on criteria, if you want. For example an Ariel Atom would satisfy both 3 and 4, leaving an empty slot for some other super Jalop ride. Remember, I'm not necessarily looking for the BEST car in each category, but the most Jalop. So, let's see what y'all come up with?