What is the silliest auto journalist trope?

We all know about Doug’s world famous bumper-to-bumper warranty. It’s taken over the internet. But it’s still known as his thing so it hasn’t become a trope just yet. That said, there are SO MANY words and phrases that have lost all meaning because journalists overused them. The essential question is: which tropes are the most ridiculous? I’d like to nominate a couple and hopefully others will chime in:

- “The (insert beautiful vintage car here) was so good that it could be released again today!” Just no. Come on. This idea has gone way too far. First of all, it’s an inarticulate and overly simplistic way of saying that the car’s design was ahead of it’s time, so it has held up well. Also, 50% of the time, this comment is made about a car that is undeniably a “period piece” so to speak. Jay Leno is the worst offender. I love his channel but in his latest video he made this comment about the F40. Seriously Jay? That’s the quintessential late eighties/early nineties supercar with cocaine and strippers styling plus massive turbo lag.


- “This (insert any non-German car here) is all about passion.” This drives me nuts too because it’s usually said to differentiate the “other” car in an XYZ vs. the German counterpart comparison test. As we all know, every country is capable of producing soulless appliances on wheels, and the Germans can do some nutty stuff. Remember all of those V10s they kept stuffing in sedans and SUVs a few years ago? That was awesome!

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