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What is this grill from?

(sorry if this is a double, I’m not used to the new site layout yet)

Hey Oppolockers!

A friend of mine died rather suddenly three years ago from cancer (really - a cough that started up and wouldn’t go away at Christmas and dead that next September), and his widow is packing up to move to Florida. In his many belongings that she doesn’t want is this grill:

Sorry folks, best I could do was post it up to G+ and link it back through, so please click here.


I have no idea what it is or what it comes from, and definitely don’t need it. If you can provide any clues as to what it is, great! If you need/want it for a project, even better, email me offline ( and we’ll work out how to get it to you (cost of shipping plus an extra $10, I’m cheap).

Six week old kitten provided only for scale, not included in sale. My new shop kitteh is too cute to let go.

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