You see, the wife is leaning towards making the next purchase overly expensive for us. In my view, as a pragmatic 41 yr. old, a AWD sienna van would be perfect for us, the space our family of four and it’s gear needs, and i would feel like were getting good value. The current Rav4 is too small for a growing family - a weekend camp trip requires a roof top bag and all space tetris packed. Sienna would be total solution. A USED one.

She does not agree.

Mini van mom = BAaAaaDDdd!!

“No matter how wonderfully comfortable and nice your mom’s odyssey is, i just can’t bring myself to go for a mini van.”

So, because our house is on the ‘tier three’ designated road, it won’t get plowed till a few days after snowfall. So some sort of 4wd/awd-a real one-would be of preference. Suggestions please for a real reliable people mover answer here...and used, i have little kids that will grow and take my money.

(The Flex intrigues me, but there has to be a reason its not massively popular...)