Illustration for article titled What is up with this Cobalt shaming on the FP?

It is pretty terrible that the FP'ers have resulted to Cobalt shaming. So what if we bought the car, it doesn't mean we are any less "jalop" or gearhead than you. Just because we don't own a VW or BMW or whatever doesn't mean anything. It's getting ridiculous that people are hating on Cobalt owners because of the whole fiasco. Every car company has had some type of recall, some worse than others, and shit we can argue that your car is shitty, but that is not what OPPO or what being a jalop is about, its about a unified car culture that respects each other. So here's to Cobalts, and their owners and all jalops, we are in this together. I have a Cobalt SS (the yellow one) and I purchased it with my own money, if that makes me an idiot, then you shouldn't even be on this site.

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