A month ago, I ordered parts for the Bel Air.
It was the second time I ordered parts from the US.

First time, I ordered a clutch and a complete rebuild kit for my RX-8, about a year ago. I had ordered a kit for the 6-port engine. which has some different gaskets and that costs a bit more than the 4-port kit. I hadn’t checked the parts upon receiving, and had started rebuilding my engine when I noticed that they had sent the wrong parts. I made it work since I didn’t need all the parts, and I could re-use some of the metal gaskets using special sealant. But I wrote them an email asking at least for a refund to match the price of the parts I got. They asked me to send them the parts back, which I couldn’t, since I had used half of it. They ignored my further requests.

Second time was a bit over a month ago, when I ordered weatherstrips and windlaces for the Bel Air. Yesterday, I sent them an email asking if they could send me a tracking number, since I hadn’t received the parts yet. They answered that they didn’t have the winlaces in stock and had to reorder them. Thanks for the info, I guess. They could have at least sent me an email before I have to ask for info.

Is that normal business in the US? Or have I picked the wrong sellers?

Doritos for your time: