I'm not sure if there's something wrong with my browser, or if Kinja is just getting worse by the day. As of current, here are the Kinja problems I experience:

1. Oppo/GT posts randomly disappear (I often have to reload my browser once or twice before I get them back). Some of these posts may have been deleted, though.

2. Clicking on the "Recommend" star doesn't up the Recommend count on screen unless I reload the page a few times.

3. There's no longer a check mark next to anyone I follow. If I go onto their page, it shows that I'm not following them. However, on my Kinja settings it shows that I am following them. Periodically through the day, I might see a check next to their name, but 90% of the time there isn't anything there.


I'm using Chrome (Windoze computers) and Safari (Apple devices).

Am I crazy or is Kinja just being Kinja. Picture of an epic EMD F40C for your time.


P.S. Thank you much to Havoc! Better to dismiss than to begin a futile argument on a year old comment. And agreed, I didn't make a good example.