I've decided I want a Corvette. Possibly even instead of a Miata

I'm thinking C4 will be in the right price range to be attainable once I have a house. Am I insane? Any advice on Corvettes?

Why a Corvette? Well, 'murica. Seriously that's about the only reason I can think of. They've grown on me, and I think it'd be fun to start my multiple car ownership phase by owning 2 cars from the same manufacturer. Being a targa the Corvette would appease my open roof dreams, and being a Corvette it'll fit in here well.

Also V8s sound awesome

Obviously I have a lot of research to do as I know literally nothing about these, but that's most of the fun in thinking about cars to buy down the road. I mean hell, I know way more than I ever knew about NA Miata's after hunting for one for a few weeks.


What say you oppo? Should I keep lusting after a Corvette, or stick to the Miata until I can afford a newer generation 'vette (or Porsche Cayman/Boxster)?