The 1980-85 Buick Skylark was an advanced design with a flawed translation to production. Like the other FWD X-cars, it had trouble with loose front subframes, torque steer, and bad rear brake balance and wheel lockup. The standard Iron Duke four was doggedly slow and rough, while the 2.8 V6 had major cooling problems due to inadequately sized water jackets. Along with indifferent built quality in keeping with the time and place.

So why am I obsessed with them right now? For one, I am one of the few Millennial-age Buick fans on this site. For two, I’ve always been intrigued by smaller cars that are well trimmed and equipped (I have a Verano now). For three, I just think the Skylark’s styling was extremely clean, tidy, and elegant. And the T-Types look genuinely cool. They sold like crazy, too. More than 500,000 found homes in the first 2 years. Sales for its last 4 seasons fell (due in part to the launch of the similarly sized J Skyhawk and A Century in 1982), but GM still moved more than 500,000 more from 1982-85. More than a million of these things were made in 6 model years?

Am I crazy?