What is your automotive design pet peeve?

I am currently helping a family friend do a brake job on one of their vehicles. A 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. One of the calipers got hung up and the son who’s car it was proceeded to drive it until the brakes were basically non-functional. There was no pad left, just the metal back plate which actually fell out when i removed the wheel. The only thing grabbing the wheel was the outer pad and the pistons on the caliper. Needless to say the caliper and rotor were both FUBAR and guess what? The Montero has captive rotors.


I despise captive rotors...they make any brake job where the rotor needs replacement 1000 times worse. I will never buy another vehicle with captive rotors if I can help it (my F150 has them too, found that out the hard way).

What’s your design pet peeve?

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