I’m sure this question has been posed here before, but what is your automotive spirit animal? The basic concept of spirit animals is an animal that represents your basic personality and who you are, so the concept of this post is a car that represents those same things. For example, if you were athletic or were more of a “jock”, then you would probably have a faster car. If you were good looking, you would have a good looking car, like a DeTomaso Pantera. If you were great t everything, you’d have a supercar, the ultimate car. For example, I’m a (facelifted) Citroen Ami 8 because I’m insanely nerdy, definitely not athletic, and my attractiveness is an acquired taste. Or that could just be a reflection on my very, very low self esteem. You can post as many vehicles that reflect on you in the comments; for example, other ones for me would be the Citroen Dyane, Renault Dauphine, and Saab 93. Try to be fairly honest, because no one ever lies about themselves and who they are on the internet. Anyway, what’s your Spirit . . . . . .car?

DISCLAIMER: Spridget: Citroen Enthusiast was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when making this post; he is just A) really weird B) a bit of a hippie and C) just throwing this out there for the hell of it to see what kind of responses he will get. Spridget: Citroen Enthusiast does not endorse drugs, alcohol,or doing random shit on the internet without thinking it through. Please excuse any strangness on the part of Spridget: Citroen Enthusiast because he has no idea what the hell he is doing with this post or in life in general.