I name all my cars... Usually before I even actually buy them. lol. My GVR-4 is named Lucy. it doesn’t have any specific meaning I just think it suited the car well. It has nothing to do with my weakness toward Scarlet Jo... Okay maybe a little. The previous owner call her “ Mitsy the Black Moose.” after driving it a bit more, it does kinda feel like driving a moose, all heavy yet powerful. ha. But I decided not to keep that name because it’s my car now, and it doesn’t know I changed it’s name. Plus it’s not even black it’s dark grey, duh.

My wife’s Fit is named Louise. As in Louise Blecher of Bob’s Burgers, she even has a sticker of Louise’s bunny ear hat. I was pretty excited to finally see my wife excited about a car enough to give it a name, and personalize it a bit. It starts with a sticker here, then a CIA and some aftermarket rims, or maybe a subwoofer, and some under dash LEDs, then the next thing you know your ordering a supercharger kit and lowering springs. MUWHAHAHA!

So Do you name your cars? if so what’s your car’s name, and what does it mean.