What is Your Favorite Car?

Does any one else HATE this question?

image because this is my favorite OEM wheel period. That is something I can pick a favorite of.


IDK about you but I get this question a lot from Non-enthusiasts and I can never answer it. for 3 reasons

1, It’s too vague. Cars some in all kinda of shapes, sizes, decades, countries of origin engines, drive-train layouts, price ranges, and intended purpose. I cant possible pick just one car and say its better than all the others. I personally feel it is impossible for me to have an end all be allFavorite car”.

Usually I’ll ask for a specific “genre” of car like “90 car economy car” or “50's American car”

2. My answer could change on a daily basis. I get excited about a car I find on CL or BaT, or one that i just learned about, and maybe that’s my “favorite” car of the day, but I might have a a different one tomorrow.


3 9/10 times the person asking the question doesn’t actually care what and wont understand how a 86 CRX Si, or 50 Dodge sedan, or a 2011 135i, could possibly be my favorite car.

bonus 4th reason is that non enthusiasts have under researched stupid answers like “the Lambo Choontash” or “that new McLaren” which were chosen purely because they flashy or expensive, which IMO is a stupid reason to like a car.

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