I’ll be moving my sister to Colorado this weekend (from Metro-Detroit Michigan) this weekend. I was thinking about what would be the ideal vehicle for the trip. We are moving all of her stuff in her Kia Soul and possibly a second vehicle (either a new boostang convertible or my dads F150). This post also applies to just longer road trips as well. Personally I vote for the Subaru Outback.


  • Wagon so plenty of room in the back
  • Roof racks for extra storage
  • Can handle smooth and rough roads
  • Optional 3.6 boxor 6 cylinder
  • Comfortable
  • Handling not as compromised as a larger SUV like a Tahoe or Suburban
  • Decent fuel economy (2.5 4 cylinder gets 25 32 with 28 combined) (3.6 6 cylinder gets 20 27 with 22 combined)
  • With a hitch could handle a small trailer

What do you think is the ideal cross country moving/road trip vehicle? Alternatively what has been your favorite vehicle you’ve driven cross country in or what has been the worst?