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What is your (slow) Dream Car?

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Even non-enthusiasts would love to have a $1m+ hypercar, a vintage Ferrari, or and number of luxury cars. But sometimes our dream cars can be slower than a Toyota Camry. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m asking you to show me.


I don’t mean cars that are slow now but were fast in their day. I’m talking about cars that were slow always. What is your absolute dream car, money no object, that was slower than a Toyota Camry of a similar year?

For me, it has to be one of two models of the Nissan President Limousine. Either the 1992 President Royal Limo, pictured above... or, the 1974-1989 model, pictured below.

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The President was designed for the Imperial Family of Japan similar to the Toyota Crown.


The Rules:

1. For at least one year of its production, it must be slower in the quarter mile than the fastest consumer-available Toyota Camry of that year. For year’s before 1980, I’ve chosen similar base consumer cars. Here’s a reference table for speeds your car must be slower than:

Prior to 1950: 23s
1950 - 1959: 21s (Ford Customline)
1960 - 1963: 19s (Ford Fairlane Sedan 292)
1964 - 1966: 18.9s (Ford Country Sedan 289)
1967 - 1970: 18.6s (Ford Country Sedan 302)
1971 - 1975: 20.6s (Ford Pinto)
1976 - 1982: 19.7s (Honda Accord)
1983 - 1987: 18.6s (Toyota Camry)
1988 - 1991: 18.1s
1992 - 1993: 15.9s
1994 - 1996: 15.8s
1997 - 2006: 15.7s
2007 - 2011: 14.4s
2012 - present: 14.1s


If you cannot find how fast your car is, just guess and if it’s close enough, post it anyway. But obviously a Ferrari 250 GTO or Jaguar XK140 is going to be faster than 19s in the quarter mile.

Times before 1971 come from estimations provided by Times afterwards come from .


A few notes to get you started:

1. You can choose any trim level of your car, as long as the “dream” trim is sufficiently slow, such as the Mustang II 4 cylinder.


2. No engine swaps or restomods this time. You have to drive it as-is. Factory cars only, no tuned ones.

3. Cost being no object, reliability, storage, repairs, and maintenance is free for you.


...Now let’s sit back and see how long it takes for someone to post a Miata or a Citreon DS...

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