What Is Your Worst NA 4 Cylinder Fuel Economy?

My odometer is in Kilometers and I have never “filled” the tank on the 02. However, a rough estimation puts me around 16-17 Miles pg combined highway and around town driving. According to the 2002FAQ this is normal for anyone rolling the same setup (twin side draft carburetors and a modified cam). Still, that is pretty bad for a 1.8 liter w/o forced induction. I had a few tanks at around 12 MPG in my 04 STi, but that was a 19 year old Tripper with a slightly bigger engine and a turbo that was almost constantly spooling. It’s worth mentioning that my gas tank is vented out the floor of the trunk. US spec 02's are vented into a collection tank that makes it’s way back to the fuel tank. I don’t think that makes a huge difference though. I don’t give a care or anything I’m just surprised.

In other news, I wash waxed, and got rid of the stickers. The one on the windshield looked really bad! I also drove it all weekend and to work today.


Have any of you done worse than 16 in an NA 4 cyl?

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