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What it cost me

In front of Eau Rouge
In front of Eau Rouge

To own a 208 GTI for a bit less than 3 months.

I bought my little GTI on March 3rd. It had 46.000 km, was sold with a set of summer tires on OEM wheels, and a new set of winter tires on some cheap aftermarket wheels installed on the car at the time.
I did the necessary paperwork to import it from Germany to France, I’m used to this.
The first things I did when I got the car was getting a set of OZ superturismo, and a set of used, but almost new Pirelli runflat tires, they came factory on an Audi, the seller swapped them for 4 season tires, they had less than 1000km on them.
I also got some satin black vinyl and spend the biggest part of a week-end covering the sideskirts and fender flares.
It was also the first car I took to the dealer to do the service, which was a weird and expensive experience for me, but the Peugeot stamp in the service manual was important for resale value.
I recently got a pair of tires similar to the ones on the oem wheels to replace the two worn ones for the sale.


It was my daily driver for almost 3 months. It took me to and from work everyday. It took me to Spa Francorchamps, to the Nürburgring, I almost soiled my pants and the cars seats while driving with friends around said Ring. In total, I put about 7000km on it. I also put it up for sale a few weeks ago.

This evening, my neighbor came by, his Seat Leon recently shattered its 2-Mass flywheel and clutch (had the same thing on my A4). He said he’d liked my 208 since I got it. He checked it out, we took it for a spin, and he said he would take it. Apparently he already has things figured out with the bank, and he will get the car next week.


So, I just sold my fun little hatchback, and while I’m happy I got to drive it for quite a few kilometers, I’m a bit sad. I feel that way every time I sell a car I like. So you might think: why do you sell them then? 2 reasons: I like to change cars often, it allows me to drive exciting cars for cheap, and there are a lot of cars to try out.

Oh, yeah, the numbers:

Car: 12.500€
Registration and plates: 520€
Wheels and tires: 460€
Vinyl: 30€
Tires: 90€
Oil change: 185€ (Really? Really.)
Inspection: 40€
Total: 13.825€


Sold for: 14.700€

Costs (excluding insurance and fuel): -875€
Costs (considering I still have the OZs): -1.235€
Costs (considering I’ll sell the winter wheels): -1500€


So I basically got paid to drive a nice little hot hatch for 3 months.
Car flipping: sometimes you win.

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