What It Cost Me To Drive an '08 Cayman S for 21 Months...Plus Thoughts

2008 Cayman S: $27,000

TTR: ~$2000

Oil changes: Free from the dealership I bought it at

Tires: $818 (literally put on a month ago after a nasty flat, shoulda just replaced the rears but thought I might keep it longer, enjoy them new owner)


Miles driven: 15,000

Selling Price: $26,250

Total Cost of Ownership for 21 months: $3,568 (not including gas or insurance; insurance was about $100/mo and it gets 23 mpg with my foot so you do the math if you care)

I like red calipers ‘cause they make you go faster.

The Cayman is the first car I’ve sold that I didn’t make money on or break even on; thanks to the wife for the accident...although for some reason the shop never actually charged us our deductible so that’s why I didn’t include it in cost of ownership. That and me being the 5th owner hurts resale a bit.


So I bought the Cayman S for my wife and a little bit for me. She told that since I wasn’t giving her a baby she wanted a sports car. I sold my Viper after about 6 months of owning the Cayman and her not driving the Cayman very much at all. She is getting a masters here in town and didn’t want to park on the street with it, so she drives the old, trusty Camry.

After I sold the Viper (old DD) I daily drove the Cayman when I wasn’t riding my motorcycle to work. I put over 10,000 miles on it with just my driving and a few road trips. And what can I tell you about it that you don’t know? Probably not much, but I’ll give my opinions on it anyways!


First off, a small percentage of 987s’s suffered IMS bearing issues and would blow up resulting in an expensive new engine bill. This was in the back of my mind for the last 18 months. Not a good feeling, even though it is not that common, especially on untracked cars. I’d steer you away from the 06-08's for that reason alone.

The car is super comfortable and just well put together. The interior is about as perfect today as it was the day it rolled off the line. Even the exterior looked basically brand new with zero dents or scratches. Not even a door ding. It was a gorgeous car and everyone thought I was rich until I corrected them that their Mustang or F150 cost more than my silly, 10 year old sports car.

I love me a car without a touch-screen, but those radio preset buttons had a tendency to fall out.

The handling was phenomenal, but I used to have an Elise, so it was nothing to write home about as far as fun factor. They say the 06-08's are great because they are the last of the hydraulic steering (pretty sure this is right), but still I’d go for a later MY just for the peace of mind.


The looks were great. The previous owner put the HRE P40's and the front LED spars on it which I think added to the looks department a lot. I got thumbs up and compliments everywhere, but I also live in El Paso where every sports car is from one of the big 3 so YMMV. This is also part of the problem...there is only one curvy road within an hour of my house, so I could not enjoy it the way it is meant to be enjoyed. When I took it up to the mountains and let her loose, I do have to admit it was a joy to drive and I felt very comfortable whipping it around curves at happy speeds.


Acceleration is okay, but nothing mind blowing or even throw you back in your seat. I think the sound sucks with the stock exhaust, which I had, but some people think the NA flat-6 sounds great so that’s all subjective.


The storage space is surprisingly hefty! Once, my 65 lb pupper jumped in the frunk and looked at me with eyes that said “I’ll hang out here, you drive!” The trunk has more than sufficient room for the biweekly grocery runs.


So, I’ve had a great time with this car, but it’s just too composed and easy to live with. I never felt excited driving it. I need the quirks (insert Doug-trademark). I need something that makes me check the forums to figure out what the hell is wrong with x, y, or z. I actually have found myself becoming less enthusiastic about cars in general as a result of owning such a perfectly composed car...yeah yeah I know that’s on me. I just like to have something a little more unique and wacky.


Would I recommend this car to someone? Nah. For about the same price you can get a well sorted Elise. Get that car. You’ll deal with more issues, your back might ache after long drives, and you’ll get tired of explaining that Lamborghini doesn’t make Lotus,but you’ll get more smiles per mile and that’s what really matters. I would trade the hand crank windows of the Elise for the automatic up/down windows on the Cayman any day of the week.

So what’s going to replace the 987? Well, I’ll let you figure that out, but I will give a huge hint and say that I am about to have 10 cylinders worth of Camry greatness in my garage! I also think I owe my wife a baby now...

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