Moving onto other pieces.

Cut out and drilled holes to make these aluminum spacers for the sway bar mount.

Figured out the hard way that the punch in lock nuts don’t work that well with the axle adapters. The extra height makes it difficult to hit the side of the nut. Managed to fold it a little bit. Hopefully it holds. Note to self and others, if getting 280zx adapters, just get the 280zx lock nut. I’m going to pickup an actual punch instead of a screw driver to retry later this week.

Assembled the upright in the final form. Put in the coilover inserts with plenty of anti seize.


Got the control arms installed, clamping the rear loosely, then the brace in the front. Followed by tightening everything down with lock tite.

Then I installed the uprights, a little help with the jack and it lined up easily enough.


With the sway bar spaced back and the Rear Lower Control Arms put on you can see why the spacer is needed. Much better alignment.


Getting awfully close now.

The problem at the moment is that the replacement bolts for the axle are 13mm heads instead of 12mm head, a strange american standard to up the head size on metric bolts. Turns out the extra mm makes it impossible to slip in the correct wrench to tighten them. Just placed an order for plain old hardware in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard), AKA bolt head sizes that make sense. Also ordered some allen button and regular allen head bolts as one, they come in a higher grade, and two the button head may be required for clearance on the passenger side. If I go through the trouble of removing all the bolts for the hangers for the RLCA and the differential, the next time through there won’t be a re-used bolt left. All new hardware.


Combined with the recent trip to fastenal, I’ve spent $200 on bloody hardware just redoing the rear end. Just bolts, washers, nuts...

Three more pieces of the puzzle left to figure out now, welding the passenger axle, re-building the sway bar end links, and removing the rust from the rear calipers. The rest will be a matter either replacing the part (SS brake line), and some piece of mind, rust proofing/treating, rerouting the brake line.

Lessons learned:

You will always forget something, that is for sure.

Internet advice is sometimes very good advice (forum member suggested the sway bar spacing)


Expect things to go wrong, I suspect of the three remain puzzle pieces, all three will prove challenging.

Money Spent:

110 - misc hardware for rear end

Subtotal : 110

Total spent: 21863