Wait...what are you doing with your hood on?

Now why do you have your front spoiler on?


Guys...it runs :D

Introducing the 2JZ NA-T swapped Datsun 240Z!

It has been up and running for a little while, let’s get caught up.

Swapped the drain plug gasket, turned out it was oversized which was a bit of a headache in and of itself.


Filled the engine with oil and cranked with the ECU off until I got oil coming out of the oil drain.

Then onto checking the timing which was problematic due to either a bad tuning cable or some read/write problems with running a macbook. Got that dialed in after figuring out a really round about way of changing minute variables and writing several times.


While I was in there I also found I never had my boost control working. The ECU was set to transmit at a frequency too fast for the solenoid to even react to and the boost curve was super tapered, so it wouldn’t make boost until you were really on it. So I fixed the settings and the map so the boost control actually does something and the boost buildup should be immediate. Still need to get some gauges so I can tune, but for now this should give me at least 10lbs. I’m planning on running 15-20lbs depending on how much injector duty cycle I have to put in. Should get me to 400hp. Any more and I am probably going to have to drastically revamp my cooling.


Then spent a day charging the battery after I managed to kill it trying to get the timing dialed in.

Finally managed to get her to run.

I cooked the ceramic paint, then went ahead and wrapped it. I am kind of bouncing back and forth with a turbo blanket. No doubt it works, but the turbo manufacturers are saying that it will keep too much heat in the turbo which isn’t good for the oil.


Threw on the coolant overflow can with some U-brackets off the radiator


Then my custom oil catch can. I definitely am going to need to find a more permanent attach and quick detach system for it.

Went on my first official drive today. Got some gas and put some air in the tires. It was really nice getting the feeling of boost, but it was also interesting getting used to the brakes and driving a manual. Trying to just do some easy laps to break in the clutch. Dialing in boost will be next once the car is nice and happy.


Working on something I think is pretty cool for the interior. Also threw on my spare door (you can see how white it is compared to the other panels) and planning on working on some of the cosmetics in the near future.

Lessons learned:

Breaking in a clutch is really important getting heat cycles through it and bedding properly will ensure that it will hold the full rated capacity. A poor job can glass the surface and cause the clutch to hold more then 100ft/lbs less then the rating.


Apparently if you don’t have a line on your radiator the coolant being bled from expansion can look like you have a radiator hose leak causing you to take the whole system apart chasing a phantom leak...

Money spent:

Radiator hose pipe extension - 20

Bolts and clamps - 20

Subtotal: 40

Total spent - 28985