Onto the good stuff.

I’ve been playing with the car here and there. With it not leaking, charging, and generally well behaving it has been a treat looking for things to go to.

Did a little photo session with a friend who stopped by. Hopefully he brings his Z out west soon.


Grabbed food of course afterwards. Street Tacos man, totally my jam.

I had bought parts to make this a while back and finally decided it was time for some cosmetics.


Bash bar type front bumper. A friend wanted to learn how to weld, so I let him have at quite a bit of it after I tacked everything in place. Instead of grinding the welds completely flat though I left a bit and cleared over the whole thing. Really digging the look.

(Sitting a wee bit crooked, I’m pretty sure I just bolted it on funny)

Went to the cars and coffee event at The Shop. A new place that opened. A gentleman’s club for cars as it is advertised. Food is decent, cars are definitely cool. Price is a bit on the high side for me to actually consider storing my car, but surprisingly it is on par with parking in Seattle. Almost insanity in and of itself. I suppose if I wasn’t already paying for parking for my daily at $180 a month this wouldn’t be a hard consideration.


I digress.

Then I went to the excellent cruise and chill that Eric setup.


The car’s final outing being “stock”

Honestly I haven’t done much to the car. It has really good lines from the factory. Throw on some wheels, lower it, add a front lip, maybe some flares is a real common formula. I hate being that guy (honestly I used to loathe this guy), but I would like to pick my car out from a crowd.


So first thing first, I blacked out the headlight bucket. I think the first I saw this was on Mr. Vengeance’s car which he dubbed zombie eyes IIRC. TO me it looks like the eyes of a panda.

Then some headlight covers.


My original thought was that the one way vinyl would offer the best of both worlds, but looks a bit too light to get my point across.

So picked up some satin vinyl, which really serves to highlight how dirty my paint is.


I think it definitely makes the car look a little less bright eyed.

And while the car had projector lenses and HID’s the light output was pretty pathetic. I swapped over to these housing with LED’s. They run cooler, less amps, and throw even more light. I am a big fan.


Interestingly enough, the housings are a standard 7 inch so it fits a variety of the jeep light offerings.


Still had to do a bit of wiring to get everything in. I really love making these harnesses. A bit of solder, heat shrink and electrical tape and you get a nice harness.

Also ordered some clear corner and clear turn signal lights. Pretty excited how it will all turn out. The turn signals have to be assembled, respraying the gasket to black and cleaning the housings are taking a while should have it done soon.


Lessons learned:

The housings will fit a 7 inch Jeep light, pretty standard, but given how much the Jeep guys like bright lights for offroad, it spoils us for choice

Shop around, I ordered the headlight covers from a main supplier, they said in stock, got an e-mail stating about 3-4 weeks. Spent about $5 more from another competitor and had it in my hands in 2 days.


Work on something long enough, you may see the fruits of your labor.

Money spent:

Clear side marker - 30

Clear turn signal, hardware, bulbs etc - 250 (Yikes...)

Front tubular bumper tubes and bends - 50

Headlights - 90

Headlight cover - 70

Vinyl for the 3 different types - 90

Subtotal: 580

Total spent -29758