After some deliberations with a couple friends, some forum members, and finally the machine shop, change of plans.

Adding up how much a rebuild would cost along with reliability mods and all that jazz that bumped me into an interesting price range. The price range for another swap. This will be engine 4 that will be going in the Datsun!

Drumroll please....

Introducing the


A lot of people had been suggesting going for a 2jz. It won’t have any of the problems, which in turn won’t necessitate $800 in oil upgrades to address. You could even buy one used and expect decent milage out of it before a rebuild. It would use the same transmission use the same ignition system, I would just have to physically adapt the motor to fit the engine bay, figure out a new turbo and the routing of pipes. I called the machine shop to see how far along they were on the 7mgte, they were still waiting on a crank and when I asked how much I was into it the gentleman informed me only about $100. I asked his input on if the 2jz would be a better motor to work and he said and I quote “it would be a much much much much much much much better motor.” When I showed up they didn’t even charge me! The guy said he would hope that I would stop by for business when the 2jz needed work. With their blessing all pending orders were scrapped and the search began for a 2jz.

The venerable 2jz is mostly associated with the venerable twin turbo mark 4 supra of Fast and the Furious fame and came in the form of 2jz-gte with two CT20 turbo chargers. The block also was used in a less potent NA spec identified as a 2jz-ge and found in more pedestrian sc300, is300, gs300 and other such cars. Luckily this block shares many similarities and can be tweaked easily to run at fairly high numbers.

For my application I was searching for one specifically from the sc300 as I needed a rear sump oil pan. Craigslist yielded 4 such engines. I decided to purchase one from someone who was willing to deliver for $500. Unfortunatley while his engine came from an sc300 he had swapped it with a front sump pan to fit in his 240sx. Luckily it turned out that one of the other sellers was selling their 2jz from an sc300 as they wanted a front sump from for their cressida. A trade was agreed upon and after I acquired the engine I drained it, flipped it, and took off the associated oil pan, upper oil pan, baffle, pickup, and dipstick, and drove down to trade.


I have a lead on a turbo manfiold, plans for injectors, and have been working on turbo sizing with a friend. Good news is that I have some very expensive pieces for the 7mgte I can sell, bad news is that I am eyeing those same pieces but in 2jz form.

Money spent:

Engine -500

Delivery - 60

Oil pan swap - FREE! (I need to get a dip stick though)

Subtotal - 560

Total spent - 22564