What it has cost me to own a really bad idea, part 1

So some of you don’t care but I recently bought a 1994 Cadillac Eldorado etcetera. Guess what: it leaks oil! BIIIIIIG SURPRIIIIIISE there.

I’ve been finding out this car has been half-assed for a long while. Half-assed radio install, half-assed Bose bypass, half-assed suspension bypass, half-assed, well you get the point.

The guy I bought from said “...not sure if it will pass emissions, I never got it tested.” WRONG. Colorado now has this neat tool where you can plug in your VIN and see recent emission results! Bad news: it failed days prior to purchase. Good news: it’s the well-known FPR failure. So that’s fifty bucks out the window.


The front suspension has passive struts but the controller was never bypassed. The rears are just about shot and, from what I can tell, factory. So ima buy the 4-corner passive kit from Strutmasters and call it a day. That’s $550. We’ll call it $600 with shipping.

I did install my old Infinity 6x9s in the rear. I have to complete the Bose bypass for them to be decent though.

Running total:

Car: let’s say zero.

temp registration: 14.71

Speakers: free (owned)

FPR: $50

Total: $64.71 so far

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