What it takes to change a set of pads and rotors

The front brakes on the Uplander were crap. Odd wear and no stopping power due to no-name “ceramic” pads and crusty rotors meant it was time to change them. This van spends spends a lot of time towing a nearly 4000 pound trailer and race car so I bought a set of new StopTech carbon pads and Raybestos rotors during the last Amazon free shipping holiday.

Here’s what it takes to change them;

1. Air impact gun because crusty bolts would not budge using either my battery impact or breaker bar.
2. Wobble extension with 15mm impact socket. A 15mm socket is required because of GM.
3. Milwaukee M12 3/8" power ratchet. Speeds work with less swearing due to busted knuckles.
4. 5 pound hand sledge to motivate rotor off of hub
5. Large screwdriver to push back piston into caliper.
6. M12 battery LED work light; lots of light with hours of life.
7. Spray lithium grease so the next guy who does the brakes doesn’t have the problems I did.
8. V18 Milwaukee battery impact
9. Torque wrench because I don’t like wheels falling off
10. My trusty aluminum floor jack. It cost $400 back in 1989!


Carbon pads require that they be bedded in. Glad to see everything worked. It has a lot more stopping power than before.

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