Honestly I wrote this for technical help on a forum but If your bored, continue.

Ive got a 1992 sc400 with a cd009.

The limp mode saga:

I bought it and it ran fine for about 1 month maybe 2 then began the limp mode issues(after 20 miles of driving the motor would cut out until it reached idle than would allow power modulation until 2500 rpm was exceeded at which point it cuts power again and the cycle repeats. The quick fix was to turn the car off and on at which point you got another 20 miles of limp free driving. This issue is accelerated by heat.) I swapped the ecu with one from my parts car and this worked fine for roughly one month, so I bought another off ebay, this one had limp mode issues right off the bat but I lived with it for a few months and eventually sent it in to be rebuilt. When I got it back the issue persisted.

The plot thickens;

Im driving along and the car does it so I turn it off, when I turn the key I get nothing, no fuel pump, no cluster lights, no chiming, no start. (There was a dull relay click that sounded like it was behind the motor or deep in the dash but Im not sure its relevent) Soon I notice the 150A fuse is blown, Ive got no money for a $250 tow so I push the two tabs togeather, chiming happens, cluster lights work, fuel pump works. I start the car and soon after doing so, the cluster lights turn off again and basically everything besides the motor stops working. I have a drive ahead of me that should put the car into limp mode at least twice, no limp mode happens. I put a 150A fuse in from my parts car and drive it a few times. On my third time driving it, it goes into limp mode after roughly 7 miles(far too soon) I turn it off and when I go to turn it on, nothing. Pop the hood and the 150A fuse that I installed the day before is blown. And that is the state of the car as of today, Ive got no clue how to solve this problem but all the variables are stated above. Also this is my only running car and its supposed to be getting me to and from college (120 miles a day 5 days a week) in one month.