I wanted to wait until this was a little more finished before I shared it, but what the heck.

There’s an ATV poker run near me that my buddy and I have been going to for a couple of years that is a lot of fun. It’s in basically the middle of no where South Dakota and is a pretty redneck affair, with mostly farm rigs showing up, some of them still with spray tanks on the back. The route is all gravel and minimum maintenance roads, with every stop at someone’s farm places and there’s more drinking involved that is probably recommended (the vast majority of it done at the end of the ride, most people seem pretty responsible and don’t get hammered on the ride). The last couple years we’ve taken our regular quads, but this year my buddy wanted to go on small 3 wheelers. I knew someone who had one, so I bought it from them and decided to have some fun with it.

The trike is a ‘79 Honda ATC 90. I did a simple top end job, new gaskets all the way around, fresh paint on the engine, and stainless socket head screws to put it all back together. AMF era Sporster tank, cheap Ebay solo seat, old bicycle ape hangers, and a full custom exhaust complete with tall slash cut pipe. I laser cut a front wheel adapter to fit a 200x front wheel, and luckily the rear 200x hubs were a direct bolt on. The original tires for this were crazy heavy, and by switching to the new tires with the aluminum rims it’s probably a 50+ lbs savings. I also built a new wiring harness from scratch and used the fancy weaved nylon wire loom for that extra touch of class. There’s a couple things to finish up yet like hard mounting the seat, tubing the tires, and a little carb tuning, but I cant wait to get this thing finished.

Next year I might do another full tear down and really paint/powdercoat everything nice. Or I’ll just leave it ratty because it matches pretty much everything else I own, I haven’t decided yet.


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