I wrote this in response to Tom’s GM article on the front page, and am wondering what great cars are out there than you just can’t see yourself ever owning?

It’s very challenging to change someone’s feelings about a model or brand.

I often refer to automobiles like jackets that we choose to buy and wear. The coat that might be the best value and most optimal for what we need, is rarely the style or brand that we want. I wish that I could love the Camaro SS 1LE, but when it comes down to it, it’s just a “jacket” I can’t see myself wearing...

Maybe people should buy what they need, but they buy what they want.

I drive a BMW, and am well-aware of the stigma that comes with that, but am willing to accept it to enjoy the fantastic dynamics of the car (and to regularly rev it out past 8000...). A friend of mine just bought a Raptor, and I told him before he did that lots of people on the road will consider him a douchebag just because he owns it.

What say you OPPO? What car do you wish you could own, but know you never will, either because it just doesn’t “fit” you and your style, or because you couldn’t deal with others’ perception of you because of it?