As many people on here ride motorcycles, atvs, bicycles, and racecars; and many people here do so responsibly; what kind of helmets do you have? Here’s a history of mine.

I had a few old beat up ones when I was growing up but we’ll start with my high school and up helmets. First up is my Nutcase helmet with all the battle scars of drunken and stupid choices.

Then I got this CKX TX217 Superman as my first new helmet as a gift from my brother when I bought my first street motorcycle. I used it for about two years and still use it occasionally for mountain biking.


I upgraded to a Joe Rocket RKT 101 Carbon when I started doing long trips( along with a proper jacket, jeans, gloves, and boots.) I absolutely love the subtle carbon weave poking out of the blue. I bought a chrome visor to go with it as well but the finish wore off quickly and now I just have a spare visor. This is my current riding helmet.


And this is my newest helmet. By newest I mean about two years old. I haven’t used it yet because the graphics seem fragile and I want to get a clear coat on it first. It is a Bell Star RS-1 RSD Flash. I’ve always preferred subtle helmets but this one really caught my eye.


And those are my helmets, what do you ride with Oppo?

Bonus: my primary motoryclce right now. Just replaced air filter, spark plugs, oil and filter, and brake pads. Flushed the brake fluid and coolant, and adjusted the chain. Runs much happier now. Inspired by Practical Enthusiasts recent post about de-Craigslisting his Ninja, I have a lot of bad wiring and previous damage to undo that I have ignored for many years.