So in reading this article:

It’s obvious there is a lot of disdain for massive motorhomes and the “lifestyle” that goes with them.


But RVs come in all different shapes and sizes. After all, even boats, snowmobiles and off-road utility vehicles qualify as “RVs”.

In the past when my kids were smaller, I seriously considered buying a light pop camper like one of these:


Basically something with a reasonably comfortable bed, a stove, small fridge and a comfortable seating area... and relatively cheap to buy and cheap to use.

And it’s something small enough to fit in a smaller garage and light enough that it can be towed by many smaller cars.


Never ended up buying one because I decided it made more sense (and was much cheaper) to just buy a big-assed tent and equip it with inflatable beds. And if I wanted to stay somewhere more comfortable, I could rent a cottage or stay in a motel.

This past summer, I rented a cottage that was on an island. The cottage came with a boat... an old boat with a 60HP two stroke outboard that could maybe hit 35mph if it was me in the boat... and about 5mph when loaded down with 6 people in it.


I could quickly see how once you have a waterfront cottage, the desire for a boat comes right after. Or if you have a boat, then you’ll probably desire a BETTER boat.

But for me, if I was gonna buy an RV, it would be a small popup camping trailer.

What RV would you buy (or have bought) for yourself?

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