1. All cars come standard with marijuana hidden in the interior.

2. Most people have outstanding warrants.

3. If you’re driving at night, you have been drinking alcohol.

4. “A little bit of weed” usually means “at least half a pound”.

5. Guns magically appear in vehicles, and the drivers of said vehicles don’t know how they got there.

6. Backpacks always have illegal items in them.

7. Field sobriety tests are the hardest tests in the world, even when I try to do them sober.


8. People “riding dirty” love to speed.

9. The craziest stories given to police are always true. “Officer, I’m sitting here in this hour-rate motel parking lot waiting to knock on the door of a woman that I met earlier. I don’t know her last name, and she’s not a hooker” is a true story. “I’m driving to my mom’s house” is a damn lie.


10. If you’re honest about the little bit of pot in your car, the cops will probably let you off with a warning.

Live PD is awesome.