Hey Guys- I need some advice from the Oppo hive mind. I’m putting my 2004 Passat Wagon back together (finally- after being off the road for 10 months at this point). While taking it apart, I noticed a lot of bolts had this green hue to them.

I did some research, and turns out it’s low strength loctite, to prevent rusting and such. I’d like to put more on these bolts as I put it back together, so that I don’t have to deal with breaking bolts down the line.

I already searched the VW Passat forums, but couldn’t find a good answer.

So what kind of Loctite (or similar stuff) do you guys use on bolts to prevent them from seizing? Do I use red or blue loctite?

And what does 243 vs 271 mean? does it matter?

I also was wondering what type of hose clamps do you guys use- Im looking for some high quality ones. The ones I got from harbor freight are always stripping out so I could use the advice.


Thank You! Green Golf R for your time.